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Upscale-any-Image is free. You can upscale as many images as you like.
For add-on features, please check our Big Picture Plan.

UPSCALE-any-IMAGE employs modern AI algorithms to upgrade the quality of images. It comprises revolutionary analysis and 4x magnification that preserves intricate details.

At UPSCALE-any-IMAGE, we are dedicated to providing all of our users with access to the latest and greatest features. While usage of certain services may be limited, we make sure we share new developments with all users so you are constantly up to speed with the latest technology.

For more information on our tier offerings, please visit our contact page

It takes just a few seconds to create a FREE account with UPSCALE-any-IMAGE.
Simply head over to the registration page –
Sign up quickly with your Google account or create account by entering your email and password. Once done, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

The images you have upscaled are private only to you. Feel free to do anything you want with them. They will not be exposed to anyone.

Don’t remember your password? No problem, simply visit the Password Reset Page, input your email address, and hit the “Reset Password” button”.

Voila, you’re all set!

Our customer support helpline is available to assist you in any way possible.

You can send us a message via email at or you can simply chat with us on the website or dashboard app using our live chat option.